We have, on our roll, over 2100 employees comprising of Engineers, Foremen, skilled Technicians and support services personnel from over 20 Nationalities.

Fawaz recognizes the contribution of its employees the core element of its growth and success. We proactively endeavor to create an enabling environment to get the best out of our employees. We encourage effective communications to enhance employees commitment and motivation.

We have in place a well designed performance based incentive scheme. It leads to enhanced organization performance by encouraging high-performing employees.

Fawaz provides furnished accommodation to most of the staff and specially to our technical on field personnel. The accommodation arrangements are in proximity of the work places. Field employees are provided transport to and fro from the place of work.

A dedicated staff is deputed specifically for staff accommodation and welfare of employees. Telephones are installed at all accommodation locations and all these locations also have well equipped Kitchens.

Considering the Kuwait's national interest and following the government's National Labor policy Fawaz has exerted extensive efforts in employing Kuwaiti nationals. As the future of Kuwait lies in the Private sector we feel the responsibility of developing and nurturing the Kuwaiti manpower to build up strong roots of a developing Kuwait's economy. We have Kuwaiti national employed at various levels and in various functions like management, engineering, sales, administration etc.

The on site employees are provided with necessary harness and safety gear for safe working conditions. They are trained and guidelines issued to ensure safe and accident free operations. Fawaz's Safety mission states "FRAC (Fawaz Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Co.) will constantly work towards avoiding industrial accidents and injuries in all divisions and in all operations wherever located. FRAC will endeavor to provide a safe and healthy work area for all employees". This speaks of our concerns and commitment towards employee welfare.